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Customer remains yours!


Cap your cost on top of ours!


You lead, you manage!

You know your client inside out!
We know how to bring life to stories!
You do not have to hire a new creative team or allocate a huge budget!
We have the skills, technology, and expert resources you need to deliver videos!
That is a perfect blend to produce innovative and smooth videos that can surpass your customer expectations!

Our Process

Our Specialised Video Types

2D Character Animation Videos

  • 2D animation is perfect for communicating messages clearly and emotionally
  • It establish the connection between the characters and your audience

Motion Graphics Videos

  • Motion graphics are a way to better understand the complex process, graphs and data sets
  • Instead of animated characters, moving graphics and objects are used

Screen Recording, Product Demo Videos

  • Screen recording video is a tool for creating how-to videos
  • A product demo video provides a detailed demonstration of how your product works along with its features

Mobile App, Whiteboard Animation

  • Mobile App video demonstrates how the app works unifies its user interface, features, and benefits.
  • Whiteboard animation, where a story or a storyboard with pictures is sketched on a whiteboard.

Corporate Videos

  • Corporate video can help to introduce your company profile and the products and services you offer
  • This videos helps businesses to share the stories and strengthen their brand identity

3D Medical Animation

  • A 3D medical animation is a short movie, usually focusing on a human body or surgical procedure.
  • It is generally used for training medical professionals and their patients

3D Industrial & Architectural Animation

  • 3D industrial animation is intended to communicate the working details of an industrial product mechanism.
  • The architecture walkthrough can help owners, investors, and interior designers see the design’s real worth.


When it comes to video production, we provide end-to-end services! You could involve us from early stages like the script to animation and voice-over. Or simply use us for illustration and animation.

Our account manager is the point of contact between you and Brand Animators. For any assistance, you can simply drop an email or schedule a zoom call.

Indeed! Give us the details, we will analyse the efforts required and let you know its cost.

Be the point of contact between your clients and the Brand Animators. Give us the project insights, and we will handle the rest in the production.

Tell us about your agency. Let us get started!

Why Brand Animators?


You get complete freedom and flexibility to rebrand the video we create. You get customization from scratch that includes script, illustration, storyboard, and animation! Outsourcing to us brings flexibility in pricing as project management.

Save Cost & Time

You can save up to 90% of your project cost as you can eliminate operation costs. By hiring us, you can save time on other opportunities to invest in a new approach to your marketing so that you can grow as an International brand company.

Access to Talents

You get to work with highly professional & talented people. You get to work with new & innovative technologies. You can focus on their core business competencies, while our video production team handles all the hard work.

Interested in using Whitelabel service for your clients?

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